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The opportunity to deepen the healing capacity of health coaches is considerable. At Teleosis Institute, our commitment to excellence and innovation involves bringing story and narrative into the coaching process. As a fundamentally integrative approach, in our view, coaching the whole person includes the stories we tell–both others and ourselves. The potential for transformation and growth is considerable when we learn how to wrestle with these stories, creating new stories that guide. To help you better understand our offering, we are providing the following gifts. We hope they add to your understanding of the power and the value of stories that heal, and the potential for health coaches to work with these innovative techniques.

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Joel, Reggie, Ana and the Teleosis Team




Narrative Coaching
Bringing Our New Stories to Life

By: David B. Drake, PhD

Chapter 1 excerpt


Coaching and Narrative Healing Cover

Coaching and Healing

Transcending the Illness Narrative

By: Joel Kreisberg, Reggie Marra, Lois Macnaughton et al.,

Chapter 1 excerpt


51GF7avEerL._AC_US160_And Now, Still

Grave & Goofy Poems

By: Reggie Marra

Selected poems excerpt


Special Bonus:

We feel so passionate about what we have to offer that we are giving a $200 discount for the two corner stone classes at Teleosis– Foundations of Narrative Health Coaching and/or Narrative Healing.  We invite you to join us in finding stories of healing, learning how to facilitate others through coaching and narrative healing.

$200 off Class