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Future of Health Coaching

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No Bridge Too Far: What Patients Wish Their Caregivers Knew
Joanna Burgess, BSN, Nurse, Cancer Survivor


What do I get:

  • Access to our top 5 (most watched) video presentations via video and audio download (mp3). As a bonus, you’ll also get the inspiring Closing Keynote.

Body-Centered Coaching: Enhancing the Mind’s Decisions with the Body’s Wisdom 
With Pat Hinton Walker,PhD

  • Listening for embodied metaphors in the client’s (and coach’s) language
  • Recognizing and interrupting habits by integrating body, mind and spirit
  • Paying attention to what the body is telling us

Mindfulness and Coaching: Leveraging Emerging Neuroscience to Create Change
With Ruth Q. Wolever, PhD

  • Engaging mindfulness as a perspective – beyond knowledge and concept
  • Honoring relationship between intention and attention
  • Mindfully embracing an attitude of openness, curiosity and kindness

Health Coaching and Human Flourishing: 6 Big Ideas to Transform Your Practice
With Meg Jordan, PhD

  • Tuning into the power of purpose, connection and compassion
  • Recognizing the potential of Epigenetics
  • Grounding ourselves in presence, rest and recovery

Mentoring, Modeling and Health Coaching
With Joel Kreisberg, DC

  • Deepening your coaching skills through one on one mentoring
  • Sharpening your ability to through modeling
  • Increasing observational skill with learning cycles

Four Quadrant Living: Creating Your New Health Destiny
With Dina Colman, MA

  • Nourishing  mind, body, relationships, and environment with coaching
  • Replace the medical perspective with a positive new way of living
  • Take responsibility for your own health by providing logically organized and easily implemented ideas

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